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Welcome to our Website

BR Glass is a glass manufacturing company that supply glass products to the Architectural, Automotive, Furniture and Domestic Appliance Glass Industries and is a leading developer and manufacturer for specialty markets requiring Bullet Resistant products used in high security glazing, hurricane and bomb resistant applications, for both the automotive and architectural industries.

We offer technically driven glass products that are backed by superior service and the necessary expertise, acquired through intensive research & development. This is achieved by ensuring that we are familiar with worldwide trends and developments. Relationships forged with our suppliers, locally and internationally, have ensured that we are abreast of cutting edge technology currently being used in high security facilities such as prisons, embassies, detention centres, consulates, banks and armoured vehicle manufacturing.

About us

Abdullah: CEO

Abdullah is the CEO of BR Glass. He has been the owner of his own established business concern namely BR Group located in Abu Dhabi, UAE and has been in business since 2003.

During this time BR Group has challenged the industry and committed to many exciting projects with an enthusiasm unparalleled by others.

Steven: Technical Director

Steven is the technical director of BR Glass. He’s born British and has entertained a relationship within the industry since 1992. Steven had his own business, Scientific Technology in South Africa. He’s  social and approachable demeanor usually turn his clients into lifelong acquaintances.

Since Steven and Abdullah met, their combined interest within the glass manufacturing industry led them to combine their skills and that is how BR Glass was formed.