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We're changing conventional construction processes by offering complete engineering design, construction management and contracting services in a relationship driven process. Construction (Pty) Ltd is creating innovative projects in a culture of customer value and transparency, providing top quality development through collaboration with our clients.


Our Services

* Project Management
* Construction Management

* Design / Build

* General Contracting

Using a relationship driven process, we are able to better understand our customer's needs and custom build the right solutions. Our goal is to always deliver the highest value in whatever capacity we are required, constantly vigilant for opportunities to achieve the best quality within the budget expectation.

About our company

Construction (Pty) Ltd serves large and small scale commercial, light industrial and residential construction projects across Western Cape. With our team of experienced general managers and superintendent professionals, we facilitate a full design build service and fulfill specific technical requirements within the development process.



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Estrelieta Waldeck (director) - 083 779 4604

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12 La Bri Private Rd, Oude Westhof, Bellville